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The Sugar Free Revolution 8 week Online program testimonial

Thinking of joining our 8 week online program to beat your sugar and carb addiction but need some convincing?

Here is a testimonial from one of our awesome Sugar Free Revolutionaries.

Why did you decide to sign up for the programme?

Signing up for The Sugar Free Revolution online program has turned my life around 360 degrees.  I began my very first diet when I was 9 years old I am now 47 years old and I have been addicted to sugar and carbs all my life therefore my results of binge eating and serial dieting have been dismal. The result was always the same.  Sugar and Carbs won hands down.  The result of which caused me to spiral into bouts of deeps shame, self- hatred and criticism.  I desperately wanted to change my lifestyle, my eating habits, my sense of self and I have found HOME finally.

What are the benefits that you have experienced from the program?

The program was so much more than the eating plan.  As a serial dieter that was my first interest and it so turned out to be the bottom of MY priority list.  The Benefit of dealing with admitting that there really is a real condition of being addicted to sugar and carbohydrates was enormous.  When you break it down by really looking inside yourself and doing a lot of searching and introspection the findings were hugely beneficially.  Over and above being a sugar and carb addict I realised that my eating behaviour was around emotion and shame and compulsive behaviour and being co-dependant.  The program is designed in such away that you are given guide lines and modules to work on  to prompt your thinking and emotions and then come to your very own conclusions and outcomes, which your councillors at the ready to catch you when you fall or become overwhelmed.  This method I found to be ingenious as I would really look inside of myself, then weed out the bad and negative emotion, find the positive and then use that energy to drive me emotionally on a daily basis. There is of course the forum, this is an extremely powerful and wonderful way in which to connect with people that are in such similar circumstance to you. The bond (even though I live in Joburg) was incredible during the 8 weeks between all of us.  I lost 5.6kg in just over 8weeks on the programme, which was not a huge amount of weight, but that priority for me had changed, I needed to heal me first before I could really focus on anything else.  The emotional baggage that I  lost cannot be measured.  So the main benefit has to be that I have admitted, forgiven and learned to really love the person that I am and pupa to butterfly is emerging week after week. For this I am eternally grateful.

Has it changed your life in any way?

Hell yes!  I feel like I have been awakened from a life long coma.  The physical changes for me are :I DO NOT CRAVE SUGAR OR CARBS!  I really don’t.  I am cured .  Close on 80 days without sugar and carbs.  I do not have hormonal mood swings, I have no craving (other than overeating), I only eat twice a day mostly, as I am NOT HUNGRY – learning to listen to my body, I have cut back on a really bad coffee habit from about 10 to 2 cups per day. My exercise routine is so amazing, I do pilates 3x/week and I walk 5 days per week 5km.  This is a huge change for me. Oh, and I love it. Mentally and Emotionally I have undergone a massive transformation.  My family cannot believe the change in me. Working on very very scary and challenging processes of self development on the programme modules has truly enlightened me in the most profound way, forcing once to examine ones life. Being and living with an addict puts immense pressure on a family.  I have worked very hard to calm down through meditation. I have learned to love myself and achieve small goals and large ones by using affirmations and afformations. I have gained a new bunch of friends that understand me and accept me for you I am without judgement through the Sugar Free Revolution Forum. I learned so much from each individual on the forums as the base issues are the same it is how we fall and then pick ourselves up and encourage each other that was so incredibly powerful for me personally.I have had incredible support and advice from Karen and Farahnaaz, without which I do not think I would have continued on this programme and seen it through. ” I am a work in progress not a work of perfection” Thank you.

We love our Sugar Free Revolutionaries! If you feel you need guidance, support and someone to believe in you until you are able to believe in yourself then this program is for you!
Join us. Our next program starts this Monday. Click here to book your space.

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