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Braaied Kudu Fillet

Kudu fillet

On my mission to  eat ethical and free range products (as far as possible) I discovered Garden Route Goodies in Hout Bay, Cape Town owned and run by the lovely Alex Peel.

Garden Route Goodies is truly a little oasis of goodness and in their own words:

We have taken the leg work out of sourcing ethically farmed, real, healthy alternatives for your grocery needs.  We have found farmers that believe in ethical farming methods without the use of harmful chemicals, genetically modified substances and who take pride in the animals that they raise and the meat that they produce.  Our vegetables are sourced locally from farmers who are using only organic farming principles.  These goods are brought in and delivered to your door once a week.

The owner Alex has just opened a shop in Hout Bay but delivers all over Cape Town. Her products are amazing and her service phenomenal. For the past two Christmas’s Alex has put together what she calls a ‘Christmas box’ which basically contains enough meat to last you the festive season. I never know exactly what it will contain but am always surprised by the quality of the produce.

Kudu fillet

Kudu fillet

This year (amongst other things) the mystery box contained a Kudu fillet. I am the first to admit that I had no idea how to cook it so luckily my brother came to the rescue once again.

This recipe is ridiculously simple yet amazingly good and was passed on to my brother by my grandpa Prof Chris Barnard who enjoyed nothing more than spending time on his game farm in the Karoo.

You will need the following ingredients:

1kg kudu fillet

500ml of Buttermilk



Marinate the Kudu fillet in Buttermilk for a couple of hours (preferably overnight).

Braai as desired and serve with green salad and some roasted veg.

#JERF: Just Eat Real Food! it couldn’t be any more simple.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Karen xxx



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